Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to win on both sides of the coin?

In the midst of the economics today, it’s hard for a small business to stay afloat in the black and not in the red. I wanted more sales for my home business and more commissions from the few Network programs that I’m working with, as a result my two side coin. My goal was to find away to combine the two or find a niche that would work. Advertising was the main focus, but doing so would both side of the coin bring in satisfying resorts.

The first thing I did. Look for a software that could advertise my small Home business and the affiliate programs I’m working with and not be difficult to setup. The first program I came across was Javascript Magic.

I love the software, Javascript Magic. I’m completing my goal putting the word out on my small business and the affiliates programs. I’m advertising my business and the affiliate programs and giving out free software that future customers can use. Just click on Javascript Magic , you will see what it looks like. Remember the goal is to put the word out on both sides of the coin.
Another way to stay on the right track of advertising on both side, is to setting up landing page no matter how simple it is. When you click on Javascript Magic you will come to a page that advertise both sides of my business again at the same time downloading the software that you will receive.
Another way I advertise both my business and affiliate programs is to place information on a page of my website that can be helpful. (See this) This page is still under construction. By combining all the affiliate programs that I work with, I decided to build a website with these programs and add my small home business on it as well. Also I added a third element , that would bring in extra advertisement. I offer others that work with MLM, networking and affiliate programs to send me a 30 word description and name of their program. The only requirement was to post the link of my site on their web page and send me the information so that I can see their site. This brings in extra advertisement. (see this

) If you are interested in this partnership. Send the name of you program and a 30 word description to NorrisRKingsbur@gmail.com subject line: partnership link.

Friday, August 3, 2007

money problems

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Hello agaain. I have been away fighting the system to keep my house. And for all of those that believe that the system can not be fought and won, you are wrong.Today you see the america's flag in this post. because I Still beleive in the a our country and our troops no matter where they maybe. America's dream I believe in . I still believe business enterprise even for the small home or family business can make it. I believe in this flag and my country. their is alot opportunities out there. you just have to have the will and the guts to go for your dream. It won't be easy, and you may fall on your face many many times before you are on the right path. The Question to you is, " How bad do you want that dream to come true?" What are you willing to go thru to stay on the right path? Think about it, then act

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Aren't I Human Too.

Well for the first time in 7 years I took a vacation out for the holidays. Being self employed those days don’t come easy. Yes I was shocked myself that I would take off for a whole week. Mind you I didn’t go far away from work. Just worked around the house site back watch a few movies and began reading a book I been trying to read for the last year. Oh the book, it’s call the jade unicorn. Been out of print for a while now. But a good book.

Now my business phone I do not answer. But I do listen to the message, just in case there is something big that needs to been handle. Even in that case I would call the temp out to handle it. If you have a business then you would understand what I’m about to say. Some people out there are just crazy. For the last two hours on Christmas morning I received 22 calls. Now this is on Christmas morning. You should hear what people say when they don’t get there way. I mean one guy argue with a machine for 20 minutes. Now I have friends that are in the same line of business that I’m in and say this time of the year is a gold mine. Not me. There are those days when you just want some quiet time to your self. Do thing that you been putting off for years. Or go on that vacation you been planning, you know all that good stuff the American dream kind of thing.

No not I , I just wanted to lay around the house and take it easy. But every two to four hours I would site and listen to the business messages. You would hear a lot of telemarketing sos but mainly customers complaining why haven’t you call back yet. Sometime I just want to call and say get some one else. But you can’t do that . No!! That’s your bread and butter. Some of these people have been with me for more than five years. Once you get clientele like that you want to keep them happy. Although three week before I sent out letter and told every face by face that I was off for a week. People don’t listen. I’m human and I need time off too.

Another Day, Another Dollar to Make

Well today has been some what a pain . I don’t understand why some people , won’t read their contracts. When I upgrade a computer for you, I stand by my work. The warranty is for the work and the parts that I used to build the computer. Not the Hard drive or DVD drive that you bought a week ago.. So when people call me and tell me that the hard drive they bought a week ago After I upgraded their computer is party of the warranty I say NO. And as always they ask the same question; “Why not”.
Now for the last time . I’m going to answer this question. Oh yes I really mean that will be the last time I will answer this question. Right I give a card with my blog address on it and tell the to read my blog. It will answer your question. Here goes. When I build or upgrade a computer, depend on the type of computer you want upgrade my warranty starts from 2 to three years. On parts, Not labor. Example You had me build you a computer from the bottom up. Natural that computer is going to get a three year warranty on all parts. You just call or email me if a part goes down and I will usually have up and running with in 48 to 96 hour depending on the part. What my warranty won’t cover, f after a week you call me and say you computer is not running right because you bought and install a Dvd Writer and it not running. Right off ,Im going to let you know that I did not place that DVD in the computer and that you will the chare for trouble and labor.
How can I give you or any person a warranty on anything that not mind. Something that I did not place in the computer in the first place. That like me selling you a House and you bought a new car . The car doesn’t fit right in the garage so can you fit the House. H LLL No Rule of thought If I did not place it in the computer, then there is no warranty for it. So please stop asking the
question “WHY NOT”

Friday, December 22, 2006

I started my business with $35.00 and some old XT computer that I bought from the Flee Market in 1996. That right. I was amazed with computers For first time I saw one, when I join the Navy in the 1973.  Back then computers could fix in one room . Well let me keep on track now. I would buy old computers and computer books , modems, sounds, ect… . I would learn by trail and error. I started reading lot of books on the subject .

Then one day some neighbors and I where chatting about every that was happening in the last few day. Until one neighbor mention he was having trouble with his computer. Well before I could open my mouth. One the guy that knew that I was into computers a lot mention ” why don’t you let Norris take a look at.  Well this would be the first computer I would work on that was not mine. what a great start. 

 I would be repairing someone else computer.  I fix the computer alright. It had a bad hard drive cable running from the hard drive to the mother board. Now This is the funny part.  I repair the computer and return it back to the neighbor. Computer ran great. Working like a charm. The neighbor turn around to me and asked "How much do I owe you".
 Shock by the words that came out of his mouth and a blank look on my face. I Did know what to say to him. Remember this was my first computer I ever repair for someone. Before I could say, I really have no idea what to charge him.  I spent a hour working on it. He reach into his pocket and pull out some money and handed $50.00.  Talking about a happy camper. That would be me..  I look at the money.  Then look up at him. Then back at the money.  As I glance over the  money a second time, The customer told me, he  Would have pay 4 time that with a tech coming to the house. Well after that he started sending all of the neighbors to my door to fix their computers.

Some need parts and some where looking for parts or software to place in their computer. With in 4 months I was averaging between $150. To $380 extra a month part time. Don’t get me wronged , their where bad days and weeks when I did not make anything. Remember I did this on the side, In the morning I up out of bed and out the door by 5am and some times I did not get home until 8 or 9 pm. I did temp work for 22 years after the Navy. Went to school part two or one or two days out of the week. And you know I don’t regret any of it. Good hard work.

I bought my first house working as a temp. And when I say that I was a temp worker. Not none of that behind the desk crap. I work in construction, form carrying bricks to digging ditches and drywall. Hard work on the go.