Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to win on both sides of the coin?

In the midst of the economics today, it’s hard for a small business to stay afloat in the black and not in the red. I wanted more sales for my home business and more commissions from the few Network programs that I’m working with, as a result my two side coin. My goal was to find away to combine the two or find a niche that would work. Advertising was the main focus, but doing so would both side of the coin bring in satisfying resorts.

The first thing I did. Look for a software that could advertise my small Home business and the affiliate programs I’m working with and not be difficult to setup. The first program I came across was Javascript Magic.

I love the software, Javascript Magic. I’m completing my goal putting the word out on my small business and the affiliates programs. I’m advertising my business and the affiliate programs and giving out free software that future customers can use. Just click on Javascript Magic , you will see what it looks like. Remember the goal is to put the word out on both sides of the coin.
Another way to stay on the right track of advertising on both side, is to setting up landing page no matter how simple it is. When you click on Javascript Magic you will come to a page that advertise both sides of my business again at the same time downloading the software that you will receive.
Another way I advertise both my business and affiliate programs is to place information on a page of my website that can be helpful. (See this) This page is still under construction. By combining all the affiliate programs that I work with, I decided to build a website with these programs and add my small home business on it as well. Also I added a third element , that would bring in extra advertisement. I offer others that work with MLM, networking and affiliate programs to send me a 30 word description and name of their program. The only requirement was to post the link of my site on their web page and send me the information so that I can see their site. This brings in extra advertisement. (see this

) If you are interested in this partnership. Send the name of you program and a 30 word description to NorrisRKingsbur@gmail.com subject line: partnership link.

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