Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Another Day, Another Dollar to Make

Well today has been some what a pain . I don’t understand why some people , won’t read their contracts. When I upgrade a computer for you, I stand by my work. The warranty is for the work and the parts that I used to build the computer. Not the Hard drive or DVD drive that you bought a week ago.. So when people call me and tell me that the hard drive they bought a week ago After I upgraded their computer is party of the warranty I say NO. And as always they ask the same question; “Why not”.
Now for the last time . I’m going to answer this question. Oh yes I really mean that will be the last time I will answer this question. Right I give a card with my blog address on it and tell the to read my blog. It will answer your question. Here goes. When I build or upgrade a computer, depend on the type of computer you want upgrade my warranty starts from 2 to three years. On parts, Not labor. Example You had me build you a computer from the bottom up. Natural that computer is going to get a three year warranty on all parts. You just call or email me if a part goes down and I will usually have up and running with in 48 to 96 hour depending on the part. What my warranty won’t cover, f after a week you call me and say you computer is not running right because you bought and install a Dvd Writer and it not running. Right off ,Im going to let you know that I did not place that DVD in the computer and that you will the chare for trouble and labor.
How can I give you or any person a warranty on anything that not mind. Something that I did not place in the computer in the first place. That like me selling you a House and you bought a new car . The car doesn’t fit right in the garage so can you fit the House. H LLL No Rule of thought If I did not place it in the computer, then there is no warranty for it. So please stop asking the
question “WHY NOT”

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